The trees are talking

The trees are connected via a wood wide web
The "Wood Wide Web" is a testament to the profound wisdom and complexities hidden beneath everyday life, urging us to lean into nature's inherent wisdom. As we move forward, this understanding of plant communication can guide us towards more sustainable, harmonious living within our planet's ecosystems.


children can listen to the nature.
Have you ever put your ears on a tree and listened to what it has to say? Sarah has and the trees speak with her...

We are One

Connection with nature for all
We often simply "take" things from nature - a deep breath; the shade of a tree; the gentle breeze... What if we make a simple shift from "taking" to "receiving" from nature?

Teachers are like farmers

teachers are like farmers
An old friend and I reconnected over coffee and a conversation on parenting, education, and farming. Being on the intersection of all, I feel all of them blend into each other beautifully!

Be the Change: A Circle on Non-Violence

the tree of violence activity based on Gandhi ji's Be the Change book
Inspired from Gandhi ji's book 'Be The Change'; we recently facilitated a 'tree of violence' activity with children. Just as it was in the activity when it was done decades ago, our tree was also heavier on the passive violence side. While physical violence is easy to identify and address, it is passive violence that we need to be very aware of.

Why do we find asking for help so difficult?

why do we find it difficult to ask for help from family
When it comes to asking for help from a nurse, we are usually okay with that. But when the same help is given by a family caregiver, we find it difficult to accept and ask for it in the first place. These questions surfaced for me recently when I was in the position of a caregiver.

Artwork by a Toddler

how to share the artwork of your toddler child
I've got a busy toddler who loves painting. She makes dinosaurs and crocodiles. In the end there are colorful scribbles and too many papers to keep.

Knowing, ‘not knowing’

Krishnamurti quote for embracing the unknown
How can I learn and nurture this practice of deep observation which comes so naturally to my 1 year old daughter. Her curiosity brings in this acute awareness of surrounding which I have lost in the process of growing up.
Can I be okay in ‘not knowing’ and thus keep my wonder for what am I going to discover today, alive?

Hope is a Strong Muscle

hope is a strong muscle
Hope and courage are the two things I pray for daily in my practice. Courage to face the realities of my circumstances now, and hope in humanity, hope in present and hope of future. I choose to step into each moment with an intention to strengthen my hope muscle!