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Have Courage and Be Kind

A is for Abundance:

abundance mindset
If you have attended any birthday parties as a child/aunt/uncle/parent chances are you would have played 'Musical Chairs'. We played it recently but with a twist on the traditional game where everyone is a winner or everyone a loser. The chairs keep reducing after each round, but there should be no one standing. What would happen when there is just one chair left?
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A change worth making

Nature makes kids healthier, happier and smarter
Qualitatively and Quantitatively, we know children are getting distanced from nature. But should that be a concern? Should our children feel connected to the natural world? Should they have a sense of belonging to their environment? Should they understand that they are part of a larger ecosystem? Is a change required? Is it a change worth making?
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The trees are talking

The trees are connected via a wood wide web
The "Wood Wide Web" is a testament to the profound wisdom and complexities hidden beneath everyday life, urging us to lean into nature's inherent wisdom. As we move forward, this understanding of plant communication can guide us towards more sustainable, harmonious living within our planet's ecosystems.
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