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A is for Abundance:

If you have attended any birthday parties as a child/aunt/uncle/parent chances are you would have played 'Musical Chairs'. We played it recently but with a twist on the traditional game where everyone is a winner or everyone a loser. The chairs keep reducing after each round, but there should be no one standing. What would happen when there is just one chair left?

This past Mother’s Day, we hosted a potluck for mothers and their kids at the farm. Sharing a big table filled with everyone’s delicious dishes, we wanted to create a space where families could connect, even if they were meeting for the first time. Among the games planned to break the ice was a unique twist on a classic: collaborative musical chairs!

We’re all familiar with traditional musical chairs – one less chair than the number of players, a mad scramble for seats when the music stops, and sadly, someone left out. 

This time, however, we changed the rule so that everyone stayed in the game. (Thank you Kriti for suggesting the change!)

Here’s the twist: with each round, a chair would be removed, but if even one person remained standing, everyone would lose. This simple rule change sparked a hilarious transformation.

From Scarcity to Abundance:

Initially, it was all about comfort – kids snuggled on their mothers’ laps. But as chairs reduced, we saw groups of 3, 4, even more, creatively settling themselves onto a single chair. The focus shifted from “me first” to a delightful puzzle of human Tetris, filled with peals of laughter.

Imagine when there was just one chair left! It was joyous chaos with “We did it” at the end of it instead of “I won”. 

The Power of Sharing:

The traditional game fosters a competition mentality – a lone victor surrounded by losers. It creates a sense of exclusion for those who miss the coveted seat. It’s rooted in scarcity – not enough chairs for everyone, so you have to secure yours, even if it means someone else is left out.

Collaborative musical chairs, however, celebrates abundance. By sharing the limited resources, there’s enough for everyone. Everyone stays involved and wins together.

This simple game became a beautiful metaphor for life. Sharing fosters a sense of community, where we all win together. It’s a reminder that when we approach challenges with an abundance mindset, there’s enough to go around, and the laughter and joy we create along the way are truly priceless.

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