how to share the artwork of your toddler child

Artwork by a Toddler

I've got a busy toddler who loves painting. She makes dinosaurs and crocodiles. In the end there are colorful scribbles and too many papers to keep.

Sarah has started scribbling.

She has a set of toddler ball-shaped crayons that she grabs in her hands and goes “painting” with them.

She doesn’t have a concept of colours yet but she does pick one colour after another and they all go on top of each other. It creates a colourful splash on the paper. After one paper, it repeats on one more and then more. 

Like every parent, I love seeing her “paint” and the joy she gets when she sees a scribble appearing on the white paper. She has a pad and I keep adding a new paper on top of the finished one. I now have more than many of her artwork with no clue of whether to keep them or let them go. I can keep some as a keepsake of this phase but what do I do with so many of them? 

And soon some birthdays in the family came and I found a perfect way of sharing Sarah’s artwork with her doting cousins. 

Sarah’s scribbles + card stock + some imagination = handmade cards

It’s a part of her growing up that we now gift to friends and family. And also a mother’s way to hold on to and yet let her artwork go!

These artworks will keep on increasing as she grows and change too. Would love to know how you celebrate your child’s scribbles.

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