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My intention for the new year

As we turned the corner and the calendar flipped from 2018 to 2019; everyone around started making resolutions. As someone one said,”there is nothing magical about the year changing but is does provide a clear break; an opportunity to start with a clean slate.” 

So as I wrote the date 01/01/2019 in my diary; I thought, maybe not a resolution but I can have an intention. Every moment of our life we have a choice to make and having an intention will guide in that choice.  

My intention for the new year is to live lightly.

A lot of people say that we’ve done so much damage to our planet that now there is no turning the clock back. That we are heading towards doomsday. But I have hope. I have hope in our collective humanity and that we will fix things  one step at a time 🙂 I can’t resist as a rebel. I’m not the kind who can go and be an activist and  advocate for things but I can resist by choosing to stop hurting our Earth by my choices. 

‘In this kind of resistance there is no corporation, no politician and no policy to oppose or to rebel against. It all comes down to our own free conscious choices, without judging others or imposing our views.’

Thich Nhat Hanh

I can choose not to buy things that I don’t need; I can choose to buy local and seasonal; I can choose to reduce, reuse and recycle; I can choose to plant seeds; to hug trees, to smile to strangers. I am grateful that I have these choices.

A friend of mine said, having clarity around one intention is a beautiful thing — when you’re clear on the importance of a core value, all other intentions naturally follow that. 

I hope the intention of living light will help put everything in place. 

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Along with that I also want to develop some habits which I’ll probably write as questions on a piece of paper and stick to a wall where I can see them and answer to myself:

  • Did you sit in silence today?
  • Did you eat healthy today?
  • Did you drink enough water today? (I am so bad about drinking water!)
  • Did you read a few pages from a book today? (I am stuck on one book since last 3 months!) 

Do you have a resolution or an intention for this year? or maybe some habits that you wish you create?

in gratitude,


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