Indian railways stories

Indian Railways: Story of a slipped slipper

A slipped slipper down the railway platform and a beautiful interaction with a stranger.

Some moments become a beautiful treat to experience and to reflect back 🙂 Such was the little interaction between me, the crowd at the platform while boarding the train and an elderly uncle who stayed back.

I was at the Chandigarh railway station to drop my sister and her two little kids. Since there were two kids and some 6 pieces of luggage, we were a bit hurried while boarding the train and so was everyone else too :-). With one backpack on my back, one bag on my shoulders, and one suitcase in my hand and also helping my nephew board the train; while boarding one of my slipper slipped and fell under the train. 

Chandigarh delhi shatabdi

For a moment the whole crowd kind of stopped rushing and everyone had this expression of “OH!” And then as usual everyone just pushed each other in. I helped didi with her bags, settled the kids in and then went down to see where exactly the slipper had landed.  Another uncle (very senior) was seeing off his wife and he pointed to it:

Uncle:  “beta, its right here at the corner.”

Me: “ah! good uncle, I will get it once the train leaves.”

My sister called from inside the train, saying don’t try to get it right now. My niece was saying, “Masi, I have an extra pair, should I take it out for you?” And then I told her a story of Gandhi ji that someone had once shared with me.

Once when Gandhiji was traveling by train, one of his slippers fell down the train. Without thinking he quickly threw the other slipper too. When another passenger asked him, why did he do so? He replied saying, “One slipper was of no use to him and one slipper was of no use to anyone who will find it. Now whoever finds the slipper, will have the pair!.”

I told my niece if I was going in the train, I would have left the other slipper too and taken hers to use for the journey but for now, I can get the slipper back.

After the entire train left, the platform was suddenly empty. I went to a stall to ask if the guy had a long stick or pipe for me to use as the platform was pretty high from the track. I turned and the uncle who had pointed the slipper to me was waiting and he came to help. I jumped down and then he pulled me back up and only then did he leave.

Indian railways stories

Brought a full smile to my face and as we crossed each other in the parking lot we were both warmed by the small interaction started by a slipped slipper 🙂 

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