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Hope is a Strong Muscle

hope is a strong muscle
Hope and courage are the two things I pray for daily in my practice. Courage to face the realities of my circumstances now, and hope in humanity, hope in present and hope of future. I choose to step into each moment with an intention to strengthen my hope muscle!

No heat, no mangoes

joy and despair come from same source
I often (all the time!) complaint about the heat. And then I find myself dunking my teeth into a sweet mango and realize that this mango won't be so sweet if it wasn't so hot. It led me to think that most often the source of joy and of despair is mostly the same! Something to ponder upon.

No heat. No mangoes!

Mitti Pao Yaar!

bury your troubles in soil
Bury your troubles in Earth and bid them farewell. This simple practice can help lessen the emotional burdens we carry.

A simple gratitude exercise

gratitude exercise with kids and adults
A simple gratitude exercise that can be done alone, or with a partner, or in groups. I have done it with both kids and adults with beautiful results every time :-)